Can you give us more details about the Environmental Competition

Query Response

Is the 1-L beaker w/ mixing paddle motor fitted or manual?

Mixing will be manual
Will the pipe provided be opaque or transparent? Pipe will be transparent
What is the pore size of the mesh? Mesh will be small enough to hold sand (1000um)
What is the pore size of the membrane filters? 10 um
What is the grading of the sand Consistant and clean, distilled water will be provided for cleaning sand
What is the grading of the gravel 0.5 to 2 inch
What is the grading of the Anthracite Standard grade
What is the grading of Granular Acitivated Carbon Drinking water grade
What is the surface area of the Granular Activated Carbon Not specified
What is the Fineness Modulus of Granular Activated Carbon/ Aluminum Sulfate Not specified
Can the parameter ranges of water sample to be treated be known for practicing beforehand No
Will the parameter analysis be provided to the participants before teh start of the competition Yes
Will Scissor and Plucker be provided Yes

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