Freshmore Challenge


At past conferences, your ASCE chapter has probably seen the tallest flag flying around at past Carolina Conference events (*ahem* GO CHARLOTTE).  Since there has been a lack of competition for the ‘tallest flag’, we have designed an event to ultimately give each school a flagpole to fly their own colors at Carolina’s Conference and show of some school spirit.  However, it won’t be as easy as just putting it together.  Each team will compete to be the fastest team with the best teamwork in order to deduce locations of flagpole parts from clues. At every destination, each team must compete in a series of challenges, some mental and some physical, and only when they are completed will they learn of their next location. Good luck!


Be the first team to visit each location, complete that location’s task, retrieve parts of the flagpole, get to finish line, construct the flagpole, and raise your school’s colors.


Each school will need to bring their own flag (3’ x 5’).


  • Teams can be made up from 2-8 freshmen/sophomore students for each school’s team. Only one team is allowed per school.
    1. UNC Charlotte’s team will be handicapped due to hosting location.
  • All participants must follow pedestrian traffic laws of Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Host school will provide materials for flag pole.
  • Once received, materials for flag pole must never touch the ground until the final location. Violations will be recorded and will result in added course time.
  • Challenges at each location will be described to the team upon arrival, then a clear indication as to when they may begin will be given.  There will be multiple volunteers at each location to assist the teams with questions.
  • Final build instructions will be provided.  The first team to complete the pole and raise their flag in the fastest time (including violations) will win.
  • Everyone will be able to keep their pole if they so choose. You must provide your own means of transportation for the pole.