Quiz Bowl


Teams will play Jeopardy with categories that include all aspects covered by the FE exam for Civil Engineers.


Teams will play in a double elimination style tournament. The winning team will be the last team standing.

*Brackets will be made once teams are committed to playing.


  • Teams can consist of 3-4 individuals.
  • Only FE approved calculators can be used.
  • The team with first selection, to gain possession of the board will be randomly selected.
  • The team with possession of the board will be able to select the first category.
  • After the category is selected, the first question from the selected category will appear
  • If the possession team answers correctly, the team will remain in control of the board, and will be able to select the next category/question.
  • Teams will buzz in to answer questions, the first team to buzz in will be able to answer first. (the method as to how the teams buzz in is to be determined)
  • After a team buzzes in they will have to immediately provide an answer to the question. If a team buzzes in and does not immediately provide an answer it will count as incorrect.
  • If a team answers the question incorrectly, they will lose half of the points designated by the question. A team’s score cannot go below zero.
  • If a team answers incorrectly, the second team to buzz in will have a chance to steal the question and answer the question for half of the points designated by the question. If the team answers correctly control of the board is then acquired. There is no penalty for answering the stolen question incorrectly.
  • If neither team answers correctly, control of the board is lost, and moves to the team directly to the left of the team who previously controlled the board.
  • The team/teams, depending on bracket orientation, which have the highest score will advance. (number of teams that advance depends on bracket orientation, which means there could possibly more than one winner in a given round)
  • Teams must answer in the form of a question. If the team fails to do so, the answer will be counted incorrect.
  • Point values for the questions, in each category will range from 100-500, and will increase in difficulty in accordance with higher point values. The questions must be answered in each category lowest point value first, i.e. 100, then 200 etc.
  • There will be one daily double per round.
  • When the daily double appears the team which selected the question will be allowed to wager up to their current score, or 500 pts; whichever is higher. (the daily double cannot be stolen by another team if answered incorrectly)
  • If the team answers the daily double correctly they will be rewarded with the amount of points that were wagered.
  • If the team answers the daily double incorrectly, they will lose the amount of points which were wagered.
  • At the end of a round/game there is a tie between two teams who would advance, there will be a single question given which will be the tie breaker.