This competition is to test teams on basic surveying techniques such as distance measurements, levelling, and traversing.


Teams will compete to test their ability to basic surveying techniques. The winning team will be the team with the most points at the end of the competition.


  • Each school may enter one team of four members.
  • It is recommended to provide your own equipment if at all possible, due to limited resources.
  • The equipment should include (not limited to):
    • Tripod
    • Philadelphia Rod
    • Auto Level
    • Total Station
    • Engineering Tape (100ft)
    • Plumb Bob
    • Field Book
    • Calculator (No programmable calculators)
    • Prism with Pole
  • Judges will have a right to disallow the use of any equipment that may give a team an unfair advantage.
  • Consultation with any person other than the member of your team is not allowed.
  • Each team should come prepared for inclement weather. In case of inclement weather conditions, each team will take a written problem solving test covering surveying principles.


The competition will consist of all or minimum two of the following events:

  • Distance Measurement: Each team will tape and pace several distances between fixed points.
  • Leveling: Each team will calculate the elevation of several turning points between one benchmark to another benchmark.
  • Traverse: Each team will find the interior angles of a traverse that is made by a series of fixed points.

All measurements and calculations must be recorded in a field book using professional standards.

Each event will have a maximum allowed time and will be announced at the competition.


Each event will be judged 80% on accuracy and 20% based on the time taken to complete. In an event of tie between any two teams, the team with best accuracy will be awarded the higher place.