There have been questions regarding this event. Please refer to the FAQ HERE for answers to the questions.



Each school participating in this event may submit only one T-Shirt.  The T-Shirt may have writing and artwork anywhere on the shirt.  All artwork must be original artwork created by the students.  No photographs may be used.  The T-Shirt theme should be focused on a connection with the 2017 conference theme and an original slogan should also be used.  50% of the T-Shirt competition score will be based on aesthetics and creativity and 50% will be based on the creativeness of the slogan and its connection to the conference theme.


There have been questions on the theme and the original slogan, the theme and slogan for the 2017 T-shirt Competition is 'Think EPIC'. This means think big and outside the box! For example, one acronym for EPIC could be Extraordinary Possibilities through Ingenuity and Collaboration. You do not have to come up with an acronym, as this is just one idea. Be creative and think EPIC!