Teams will be presented a transportation problem and asked to develop a solution. The problem will be provided at the time of the challenge. Each team will apply principles of transportation planning, traffic operations, and highway design to respond to the design problem. The response will be primarily qualitative, thus teams should focus on development of an innovative conceptual design that would provide a long-term transportation solution. Teams will be allocated two hours to prepare a proposed conceptual solution, organize submittal materials, and prepare a 5-minute presentation. Team presentations will be delivered to a panel of judges for review, which could include a short question and answer period.


To develop a conceptual design solution, organize submittal materials, and prepare a presentation for transportation improvements and/or recommendations.


  1. One team per school, each team may consist of up to four undergraduate students.
  2. All teams will receive the same problem at the same time.
  3. All concept designs will be developed in U.S. Customary Units.
  4. All concept designs will be drawn by hand, so use of computers will not be allowed. No web access will be allowed, that includes use of smart phones or any other means.
  5. You are allowed to bring handheld calculators, manual drafting equipment, and drawing scales.
  6. It is highly recommended that you bring the following reference material as it will not be provided at the time of the competition:
    1. 2011 AASHTO Green Book
    2. Current edition of the MUTCD
    3. FE reference handbook
    4. Transportation Engineering Textbook
    5. NCDOT Complete Streets Planning and Design Guidelines (link to document:  Complete Streets Guidelines  and the appendix:  Complete Streets Appendix)


Teams are not allowed to solicit help from individuals not participating as team members during the competition; otherwise the team will be disqualified.


The panel of judges will listen to all presentations, review all submitted materials, and determine team rankings for this competition event.