Do we register/pay individually or as a group? Can we register/pay through other means?

We prefer that you register and pay as group through the registration page provided. To do this, please use the following steps:

1.) Please go the the 2017 ASCE Carolina's Conference Registration website HERE

2.) Click on the ASCE 2017 Carolinas Conference Registration link.

3.) The current price of each registration will be displayed (NOTE: this will change at appropriate dates). Input the quantity of the number of registrants from your university.

4.) There will be an appropriate number of fields for each entry ID.  Please fill this out for each individual. Please make sure that the values are accurate for each individual.  (NOTE: Please read the waiver in the description of this registration page. At the bottom of this page, each individual must 'sign' their name indicating that they have read the liability waiver)

5.) Click Continue

6.) You will then see a page that list each individual and the cost associated with that. Please make sure this information is correct before continuing.

7.) Click on Complete Registration.

8.) Pay for the entire group.


NOTE: Due to the work done and prepaid fees involved in reserving venues, conference registration fees cannot be refunded for any reason.