We prefer that you register and pay as group through the registration page provided. To do this, please use the following steps:

1.) Please go the the 2017 ASCE Carolina's Conference Registration website HERE

2.) Click on the ASCE 2017 Carolinas Conference Registration link.

3.) The current price of each registration will be displayed (NOTE: this will change at appropriate dates). Input the quantity of the number of registrants from your university.

4.) There will be an appropriate number of fields for each entry ID.  Please fill this out for each individual. Please make sure that the values are accurate for each individual.  (NOTE: Please read the waiver in the description of this registration page. At the bottom of this page, each individual must 'sign' their name indicating that they have read the liability waiver)

5.) Click Continue

6.) You will then see a page that list each individual and the cost associated with that. Please make sure this information is correct before continuing.

7.) Click on Complete Registration.

8.) Pay for the entire group.


NOTE: Due to the work done and prepaid fees involved in reserving venues, conference registration fees cannot be refunded for any reason.


Our theme this year is 'Think Epic!'. This means think big and outside the box! For example, one acronym for EPIC could be Extraordinary Possibilities through Ingenuity and Collaboration. You do not have to come up with an acronym, as this is just one idea. Be creative and think EPIC!

If it does not specificaly state within the rules/descriptions of the event then they can participate.

For example, the Freshmore Challenge is specifically for Freshmen and Sophmore students only.

Concrete Canoe

Yes!  Please send your documents to 2017asceconference.uncc@gmail.com 

If you submit via email, please label your email and file names appropriately, as follows:
Email Heading:
2017 ASCE Conf: Concrete Canoe Paper - %INSERT SCHOOL NAME HERE%

Please remember to submit your documents via email no later than 5:00pm on March 10th, 2017. If you submit via email, you do NOT have to send in hard copies (CD's) by the deadline.

We have developed a Plan B. We ask that all Concrete Canoe teams from each school be prepared to the altercations that may take place. We will let you know Thursday.

Per official national rules, we will be enforcing the maximum 10 participant rule.  This does not mean more people cannot participate in the whole process of the concrete canoe (setting up, etc.).  This means that during competition (presentation, rowing, etc.) each school must have only 10 participants with no exchanging of participants.


As per Section 1.2 of the 2017 NCCC Rules:

"A team may register up to a maximum of five (5) male and five (5) female participants. Teams may have less than ten (10) registered participants. Registered participants are the only persons eligible to present or answer questions for the Oral Presentation and/or compete in the races. Substitutions of registered participants will be allowed up to the time of on-site registration. No substitutions shall be permitted after on-site registration has been completed. Each team shall designate two (2) registered participants as team captains."

The rules and answers to questions for the Concrete Canoe Competition can be found HERE!

Environmental Event

Query Response

Is the 1-L beaker w/ mixing paddle motor fitted or manual?

Mixing will be manual
Will the pipe provided be opaque or transparent? Pipe will be transparent
What is the pore size of the mesh? Mesh will be small enough to hold sand (1000um)
What is the pore size of the membrane filters? 10 um
What is the grading of the sand Consistant and clean, distilled water will be provided for cleaning sand
What is the grading of the gravel 0.5 to 2 inch
What is the grading of the Anthracite Standard grade
What is the grading of Granular Acitivated Carbon Drinking water grade
What is the surface area of the Granular Activated Carbon Not specified
What is the Fineness Modulus of Granular Activated Carbon/ Aluminum Sulfate Not specified
Can the parameter ranges of water sample to be treated be known for practicing beforehand No
Will the parameter analysis be provided to the participants before teh start of the competition Yes
Will Scissor and Plucker be provided Yes

We will continue to update this page.

Geotechnical Event

Appendix is fine but the main report needs to be stand alone. Please read the rules again and read the revised delayed submission penalties posted recently.

The rubric has been revised. Please see the revised rubric.

You will get maximum deductions as per Items 4.2, 6.1, and/or 6.2 specified in the revised rubric. If you make changes, you are NOT required to revise and resubmit the report. Revised report(s), if submitted, will NOT be graded.

Because you are not expected to revise and resubmit your report, you are not required to revised your uplift capacity predictions. Except the design report, you will be scored based on the measured uplift capacity.

The time constraint for the construction of the fabricated reinforcement will be from the captain’s meeting (when given materials, 6:00pm Friday) until the beginning of the competition time slot (which will be discussed at the captain’s meeting, 7:30-8:00am Saturday). Teams will have 1 hour to place the sand inside the and box with the fabricated reinforcement and pile.

Each team will be given 50 minutes to place the backfill in the sand box. The penalty beyond 50 minutes is as follows:

1 sec to 300 seconds delay – 2 Points

301 to 600 seconds delay – 4 Points

601 to 1200 seconds delay – 10 Points

More than 1201 seconds – Disqualified

Reinforcements cannot be made longer than the maximum dimension you are able to cut from the roll of paper you are provided.

The uplift capacity of the pile will carry more points than the other aspects of the competition. The scoring will be finalized soon.

Correct; the construction of the pile, with uplift hook attached, will need to be completed by the captain’s meeting (6:00pm Friday). A portion of this meeting will be used to approve empty sand box and your pile. 

The lower tip of the pile may or may not touch the bottom of the box. It is not critical that your pile touches or not touches the bottom of the box. You are not allowed to “attach” or “hook”  or glue the pile to the box.  If your pile is slightly longer than the height of the box (18.25 in ±0.5 in), there will not be any penalty.  

The pile will not be checked with a pool of water. This was stated to provide an elaboration on the rule. The pile will be checked with sand. Few grams (< 10 grams) that will stick to the pile will not carry any penalty.

Yes. You will bring the pile in its final form with you at the Captains’ Meeting. You can use any tools (power, hand, etc.) when you fabricate your pile. You will not be allowed to reshape your pile after the Captains’ meeting.

At the competition, you will be given the poster board (for wall facing), Kraft paper for reinforcements, and tape for taping the reinforcements to the wall facing. You will cut the reinforcements and attach the reinforcements to the wall facing at the competition after the Captains’ meeting. On the next day (competition day) you will fill the sand box with the pile and the reinforced wall facing and test the uplift capacity of the pile with your specified surcharge.

Yes, we will supply you the Kraft paper, the poster board and the tape.

No, you will not be scored for the mass of reinforcement paper you use. All teams will be provided with the same mass/size of Kraft paper and you may use as much as you want from the quantity provide to you.

The top of the pile must be flush with the top of the box and sand. That means, while the wooden dowel you will purchase from the hardware store may be 60 cm (24 in) or longer, you will need to cut the pile (dowel) so the height of the pile matches the height of the box which is 146.3 cm (18.25 in) without the hook attached. The hook attached to the top end of the pile will extend above the surface of the backfilled sand.

You will bring the pile in its final form with you at the Captains’ Meeting. You can use any tools (power, hand, etc.) when you fabricate your pile. You will not be allowed to reshape your pile after the Captains’ meeting.

Hydraulic Event

When the tank is stationary there should be adequate room for the object to fall freely though the tank containing the fluid and the object. During the race, it is acceptable for the object to hit the sides of the tank.

Yes, the “fluid” in the tank in which the object is submerged during the race should be a water-based solution containing edible ingredients only.  For instance, the fluid couldn’t have any anti-freeze (ethylene glycol) in it.

Mead Paper

Short answer is: No.

The typical requirement for the Mead Paper Competition at Carolina's Conference is that each school must participate in the Mead Paper Competition in order to be qualified to move on to the ASCE National Competition for Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge.  This is not the same thing as applying for the Daniel W. Mead Prize for Students Competition, even though the topic is usually taken from such competition.

This question arose from an applicant stating that the due date for the Daniel W. Mead Prize for Students Competition is on March 1st, 2017. While we encourage you to submit to this competition, based on the fact that the topics are identicle, your school is not required to submit to this competition by this date.

However, each school IS required to submit to the Mead Paper Competition at this Carolina's Competition in order to be qualified for the National Competition.  This due date is still on March 10, 2017. 


Eligibility for National Competitions

Structural Event

Sure!  There has been a correction to the statement in the Structural Event rules.  It originally said that the handle of the bat had to be at least 1/2 of the barrel diameter.  The correction is that the handle of the bat needs to be at most 1/2 of the barrel diameter. For example, if your barrel has a diameter of 3-inches, the handle of that bat must have a diameter of 1.5-inches or smaller and it must taper from 3-inches to 1.5-inches (or smaller).  Please make sure that the handle is of sufficent length for swinging the bat with two hands.