Transportation Event

2-6-17: Please bring one (1) laptop per participating school to the Transportation Competition.  This will be used as a tool during the competition for information acquisition.

Freshmore Challenge

2-21-17: Please try to wear similar colored shirts for each school (for example, UNC Charlotte team should all wear green/white shirts to differentiate them from other schools)

2-27-17: Please make sure that the flag has grommets to connect to flag pole.  An example of an appropriate flag is shown HERE.

Concrete Canoe

3-7-17: You can submit your concrete canoe paper materials via email. You do not have to submit via email. Please use the following method:

Please send your documents to 2017asceconference.uncc@gmail.com 

If you submit via email, please label your email and file names appropriately, as follows:
Email Heading:
2017 ASCE Conf: Concrete Canoe Paper - %INSERT SCHOOL NAME HERE%

Please remember to sbumit your documents via email no later than 5:00pm on March 10th, 2017.  If you sumbit via email, you do NOT have to send in hard copies (i.e. CD's) of your documents by the March 10th, 2017 deadline.

3-28-17: Was asked if schools still need to supply 5 hard copies of report for the day of event. Answer is YES!

Also, concrete canoe teams, be prepared for a Plan B schedule change due to weather. We will update you Thursday! 

3-30-17 (12:05pm): The schedule has been updated for concrete canoe at 12:05pm today. Please  review here. The major change is that the canoe presentation are now Friday morning (at EPIC building) and the Canoe races are Friday afternoon (at Ramsey Creek Park).



3-10-17: The scoring rubric can be found HERE. (Note this has been updated, see next line).

3-17-17: The scoring penalty for late submissions can be found HERE. Updated scoring rubric can be found HERE.

Inclement Weather Plans

Surveying: In the event of thunder and lightning, each team will take a written problem solving test covering surveying principles.

Hydraulics: The location of the event will be moved to the CRI Deck in the case of inclement weather.

Environmental: The competition will be moved indoors.

Freshmore: This event will be rain or shine, however in the event of thundering and lightening, this event will be altered to be indoors.

Structural Event (Concrete Bat): In the event of thunder and lightning, the hitting portion of the competition will be cancelled. The testing of the bat will still be scored.