Will UNCC enforce the 10 participant rule for Concrete Canoe?

Per official national rules, we will be enforcing the maximum 10 participant rule.  This does not mean more people cannot participate in the whole process of the concrete canoe (setting up, etc.).  This means that during competition (presentation, rowing, etc.) each school must have only 10 participants with no exchanging of participants.


As per Section 1.2 of the 2017 NCCC Rules:

"A team may register up to a maximum of five (5) male and five (5) female participants. Teams may have less than ten (10) registered participants. Registered participants are the only persons eligible to present or answer questions for the Oral Presentation and/or compete in the races. Substitutions of registered participants will be allowed up to the time of on-site registration. No substitutions shall be permitted after on-site registration has been completed. Each team shall designate two (2) registered participants as team captains."